Today's workplace is really  wherever you need it to be.

On site, at an office, at home, and even in transit.

If there is not a set location, ZOOM is an option. If there is an opportunity to meet in person, we can make it work.

We work how our clients work, not just in one place or in one time zone.

Mediation, Coaching & Counselling will become part of Carer Care International to offer a broader scope of services that reflect how we now live and work and that will be from July 1, 2024.

With Carer Care International, 'You will be supported as you learn conflict resolution, resilience skills and emotional well being to reduce the impact of emotional exhaustion without feeling overwhelmed or confused about your next steps'.

The most significant difference (and reason) to amalgamate with Care Care International is that services will not be location dependent.

Dr Rhonda Emonson will continue to provide the majority of services. As appointments will be predominately online, there is greater opportunity for service provision, nationally and internationally - you too can have access to professional conflict resolution, resilience coaching and courses that focus on practitioner self care.

Mediation, Coaching & Counselling will not be accepting any new appointments while the transition occurs.

Please add these details to your contact list:

Dr Rhonda Emonson (Law Res)

[email protected]


Your inquiry is welcome and we will respond promptly.






Conflict Resolution

Prompt, structured and supportive conflict resolution for workplace and family disputes.

Workplace Disputes

Family Disputes


Feeling 'stuck'? Professional and accredited coaching for those who are wanting to create change in their current circumstance.

Resilience Coaching



Clients with a referral from their Medical Practitioner are able to claim a rebate from Medicare.

Individual Counselling

Relationship Counselling


Face-2-Face training and online programs on resilience, self care and emotional well being. 



Learn the patterns we tend to follow when creating change

So you have decided it is time to make some changes... it is time to create a new pathway or direction.

In the free tip sheet, you will discover some simple yet valuable tips to help you understand the steps involved in making a change.

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Dr Rhonda Emonson

Mediator | Coach | Counsellor & Accredited Resilience First Aid Instructor

Since 1997, Rhonda has been practicing from her office in Englehart Street Albury providing mediation, coaching, counselling and training to national and international organisations and individual clients.  

Rhonda has spoken at conferences in New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia and as an accredited Resilience First Aid Instructor, she provides training in ground breaking preventative mental health programs that are scientifically proven, include a resilience assessment and can be tailored to meet client training needs.

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What you can expect

Benefit 1:    Confidential consultations

Benefit 2:    Prompt availability of  sessions

Benefit 3:    Practical experience combined with academic qualifications

Benefit 4:    No crowed waiting rooms ensuring your confidentiality

Benefit 5:    Location no barrier to access services.  

Benefit 6:    Business and after hour appointment s available

Benefit 7:    Pay for appointments on line prior to session

Benefit 8:    Value added services with client access to resources online.

Benefit 9:     A professional approach to your personal situation

Benefit 10:    Professional, prompt and compassionate

Four key professional services I help people with:

Conflict Resolution

Working with individuals and organisations to provide prompt, formal and supportive structure to resolve conflict. Emphasis is on adequate preparation of clients for mediation in order to achieve the best outcomes for all involved.

Workplace and family disputes.



Professional coaching specializing in resilience, self care and emotional well being.

Accredited with International Coaching Federation. 



Professional, individual counselling.

Referral not necessary.


Online Workshops

Online training workshops focusing on resilience and practitioner self care. 


Face-2-Face Workshops

Face-2-face workshops focusing on resilience and practitioner self care. 


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Free reading you may find helpful

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New Zealand

'......in a professional role, more recently, one of those people has been Rhonda, whose insight and perception has helped me become so much more aware of that critical inner voice and the beliefs that hold me back from living ‘my best life’.

Jenny Glazebrook

Author-Speaker & Chaplain

In my work as a school chaplain and pastoral carer, I have found that picture books are a valuable tool to encourage children to begin talking about their struggles. Animal stories and illustrations in particular remove barriers and make the children feel safe and willing to open up to an adult reading with them. Even children who have previously struggled to express themselves are able to connect with the illustrations and share about their own difficulties. For this reason, I believe these stories with their beautiful animal illustrations and theme of family issues are a valuable resource for teachers, chaplains, pastoral carers and counsellors who work with children. [Talking about Listen to ME resources available in Store'.]


Mediation Client Photo withheld.

'Hi Rhonda, I'd just like to thank you for the time and effort you showed and did. As upsetting as it is not to go through this way [FDR deemed not suitable by FDRP], I'm hopeful for a great outcome for both party's and that couldn't happen without your help. So thanks again Adam'.