Dr Rhonda Emonson

Mediator | Coach | Counsellor | Accredited Resilience First Aid Instructor

As a mediator, coach and counsellor and trainer with national and international qualifications, Rhonda Emonson PhD has worked extensively with those in the community and private sector. In 2019 she was the first Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Practitioner in Australia to complete research at a PhD level in the field of preparing parents for FDR. During her research, she developed resources for practitioners who work in the conflict resolution field, wrote two books to help children coping with parental separation and more recently, a third book on overcoming over worry along with online programs relating to practitioner self care. 

For many years, she has worked in health and related sectors and noticed colleagues experiencing compassion fatigue as a result of caring for others more than caring for themselves. This influenced and helped shape her desire to work with those who want to create change.

As a result of this passion, Rhonda is the Founder and Director of Carer Care Inc., a not-for-profit organisation providing training, coaching and self-care programs for those who professionally care for others, particularly those who live where access to support and training is limited.

A paradigm shift occurred when Rhonda realised it is more effective to work proactively rather than waiting until clients present for treatment. That shift in thinking started a journey of searching for interventions and developing programs that are strengths-based, preventative, evidence based and which build emotional wellness.

Rhonda’s personal journey has been impacted by two major (and unrelated) life-changing, physical, medical episodes; one in 1989 and another in 2001. Each episode required multiple hospital admissions, time away from family, rehabilitation, unplanned changes in career, learning to be resilient and taking time to ‘review’ life and ponder on what is really important. Along with many others, Rhonda understands that adversity can come in many unexpected forms. At that time, we have the option to be consumed by life-changing events or to make the decision to move forward and continue to live a life aligned with our values and purpose.

Rhonda has extensive experience working both nationally and internationally with those who are feeling vulnerable and yet want to create change in their current circumstance. She provides professional services in mediation, coaching, counselling and training to a variety of organisations as well as individuals either virtually their time zone) or face to face.

Rhonda has spoken at conferences in New Zealand, the Philippines and Australia and as an accredited Resilience First Aid Instructor, she provides training in ground breaking preventative mental health programs that are scientifically proven, include a resilience assessment and can be tailored to meet client training needs.

Rhonda's professional qualifications include:

Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

Graduate Diploma of Education and Vocational Training

Master of Conflict Resolution

Master of Social Work (Mental Health Accredited)

Accredited with Medicare as a Mental Health Practitioner

Accredited with Attorney Generals Department to provide Family Dispute Resolution

Accredited as a Coach with International Coaching Federation

Accredited Resilience First Aid Instructor

Doctor of Philosophy (Law Research)