Coaching 4 Disputes
Support to resolve issues

What is Coaching4disputes?

Coaching4disputes is specifically for those experiencing conflict, particularly in the workplace. As an Internationally Accredited Coach (ICF), Dr Rhonda Emonson (Law Res),  supports and helps an individual to deal with specific conflict situations and to become competent in managing disputes and preparing for mediation when mediation is applicable.

Coaching4disputes can be used to prepare people to engage more effectively in negotiation, mediation and relational conflict and to examine their own contribution to conflict and the choices that are available to them.

Coaching4disputes is used extensively in some federal and state government departments along with smaller industries.

Coaching4disputes is a useful tool when used to help shift destructive reactions, to communicate more effectively and to develop skills to manage disputes more collaboratively.

How do you know if Coaching4disputes is right for you?

Dr Emonson works with clients to gain an understanding of the conflict situation and the client’s approach to conflict. Support and education is given on how to help shift destructive reactions to more constructive responses. Sessions are usually one and a half hours to two hours in duration with 4 sessions being held prior to formal mediation.

Coaching4disputes can assist in resolving workplace disputes

Coaching4disputes is often held in the weeks preceding a formal mediation and before the Preliminary Conference to ensure clients are effectively and adequately prepared to participate in mediation ensuring  likelihood of a resolution. Each staff member may be better supported to resolve their conflict by having a greater awareness of their own contribution by participating in a PR6 personal analysis to learn further about resilience.

What is included in Coaching4dispute

  • 4 x 1.5 intensive, individual  coaching sessions with EACH employee
  • Tip sheets and resources to help each employee understand how to resolve conflict
  • PR6 Analysis and feedback 
  • Coloured copy of PR6 assessment is given to each employee and sent to organisation

Report is an additional cost

At the conclusion of sessions, staff members have been adequately equipped to resolve issues, learn about resilience and have a deeper understanding about their contribution to the dispute and strategies in how to resolve the dispute.

Learn more about the PR6 HERE

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