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Help resolving your parenting disputes is available with the choice of business or after hours appointments in a professional and confidential setting.

Joint mediation is often available within 7-14 days (or earlier) of the completion of individual preliminary sessions with a professional and experienced FDR Practitioner.

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Parenting disputes may be effectively resolved without going to Court

Disagreement about arrangements for children

Parenting disputes can be disruptive and damaging. There are hurt feelings, anger and resentment, making resolution of the dispute even more difficult without professional support. Disagreement, disputes and difficult relationships are draining emotionally, financially and negatively affect every member of the family including the children.

Prompt and professional support

With professional support, prompt appointments and the FDR Practitioner effectively preparing you and the other parent for Family Dispute Resolution, a successful outcome  is possible.

In fact, in excess of 80 % of parents that effectively engage with this service reach an Agreement that is satisfactory to all concerned.  As a FDR Practitioner, Dr Rhonda Emonson  has been assisting parents since 2006 and has researched the effective preparation of parents at a PhD level. You are assured of a professional, prompt and caring approach to assist you manage your current difficulties and reach a formal agreement.

Resolve parenting disputes quickly and effectively

Impartial support

Once an argument gets heated and emotional, it becomes hard to think straight or communicate effectively. Emotions get in the way. FDR Practitioners are impartial. They will assist you and the other parent to discuss the issues in dispute and consider different options, while encouraging you both to focus on the needs of the children. A FDR Practitioner is skilled in facilitating difficult conversations, even though each parent is often emotionally and physically exhausted. Having an impartial third party present provides structure and enables each parent to be heard.

Reaching agreement without going to court

Part of the problem with parenting disputes is that often both parents believe the other parent is 100% wrong and they are 100% right. Because of this, neither side is willing to look at ways to resolve the issues between them. With Family Dispute Resolution, we work with you to find a solution that works for both parents and to reach an agreement that is developmentally appropriate for any children involved. For further information visit: family court.gov.au

Reaching an Agreement

With Family Dispute Resolution, both parents reach an agreement, date and sign the Agreement prior to leaving the session. From there, parents are encouraged to seek legal advice about the Agreement being legally binding. In fact, legal advice is encouraged at any stage of the FDR process.

Reaching an Agreement enables parents and children to ‘get on with their lives‘ and to have structure in arrangements regarding their children. For further information visit: www.familyrelationships.gov.au

The Process and Pricing

Step One: Book your Preliminary Conference

Either parent may initiate Family Dispute Resolution by telephoning 02 60 413242 or emailing [email protected]  to book a Preliminary Conference.  A referral is not needed.

At the Preliminary Conference, a comprehensive history is taken and preparation occurs for the joint session.

The preliminary conference is 1.5 hrs in duration. Cost is $550.00 (plus GST) for Preliminary Conference and this fee is non-refundable.  After hours and business hour appointments are offered as well and some Saturday morning appointments.  As there is a high demand for this service (although no waiting lists), your fee for the Preliminary Conference must be received at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to secure the booking. 

Step Two: Other parent is contacted in writing.

Following the preliminary conference with the parent that initiated the process, the FDR Practitioner writes a  letter  to the other parent inviting them to come in for their preliminary conference. The fee of $550.00 covers this Step Two. Each session is confidential and each parent is encouraged to take responsibility for their own fee. However, 100% of the fee may be paid by one parent if they choose.

Step Three: Preliminary Conference 

The preliminary conference is then held with the parent that is responding to the invitation to reach agreement about children or property. The format and cost for the preliminary conference is the same for each parent with each session being confidential.
Each parent is encouraged to take responsibility for their own fee. However, 100% of the fee may be paid by one parent.
 Step Four: Joint Mediation Session
When both preliminary conferences have been held and mediation is deemed suitable, parents meet with the FDR Practitioner in a three hour session. When Agreement is reached, that Agreement is written down and both parents date and sign  before leaving the session. Parents are advised to seek legal advice about their Agreement prior to, during or after the Mediation session. The cost for the joint mediation session is $990.00 per person and payable at time of confirming session time to secure booking.
Each parent is encouraged to take responsibility for their own fee of $990.00 (pp) for the joint mediation. However, 100% of the fee may be paid by one parent.
* The fees quoted above are the total fee and may be divided by the parents or one parent may choose to pay the total fee of $3080.00.
Emphasis is placed on effectively preparing parents to reach an agreement that is child focused, achievable and practical for both parents. Property matters will not be commenced without first having negotiated a parenting agreement.
Fee structure is based on the following:
  • Expertise of the FDRP
  • Privacy-no crowded waiting rooms
  • Choice of business or after hours appointments and some Saturday morning appointments at no additional cost
  • Access to professional services within a short time frame
  • Appointments available in your time zone
  • Face2face, ZOOM, telephone and Teams available
  • Focus is on effectively equipping parents to resolve their concerns
  • Additional resources for each parent

Need help to reach agreement with the other parent?

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