Online training


Virtual workshops


Topics are related to a proactive approach to resilience and  self care.
'Workshops' are available  so that you can access anytime, anywhere  with the cost being substantially less than if you were attending face to face.

Resilience First Aid Responder Blended Training


June 2023

Resilience First Aid is a 14 hour mental health certification course.

The RFA training is 14 hours of 'Blended' training

  • 2 hours live video workshop
  • 10 hours self-paced (14 days to complete)
  • 2 hour live video workshop closing session

NOTE: Before enrolling in this training, please ensure that you are able and committed to completing the 10 hours self-paced component of this training (online) prior to the 2 hour live video workshop closing sessions. 

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Overcoming Over Worry: Getting off the hamster wheel of constant over thinking.


COMING SOON: Online, self paced, six module program to help you:

1) Recognise the rut you are in with you over worry

2) Identify the issue-what is the worry really all about?

3) Create Change- take charge of change

4) Effectively Evolving (to the person you want to be).

Program developed by Dr Rhonda Emonson and incorporates the R.I.C.E (Copyright) framework to help you move toward the person you really want to be.

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Caring for ME: So I can care for you


COMING SOON: Online, self paced, six module program.

Are you feeling emotionally exhausted by complex and vulnerable clients or patients? Are you feeling 'zapped' and wondering whether you are experiencing emotional exhaustion?

Self care for caring professionals is a necessity not an indulgence. Learn strategies to manage your own self care. Putting own self care first, YES, first...before patients or clients.

Online program developed by Dr Rhonda Emonson and relates particularly to those who work in the caring professionals and are at high risk of compassion fatigue.

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How can I relax?



Available as an 'entry level' program to help you understand how to relax.

 Six modules available on line-as you finish one lesson...the next is available three days later.

Are you tired of being consumed with reacting to stressful events in your life?

Would you prefer to have greater understanding of how to relax?

First it is important to recognise your current situation, identify what the issue really is, create some changes and then move forward to a life with periods of intentional relaxation in your every day.

Value packed resources such as tips sheets, journal prompts, meditations and additional information on relaxation are included in every module so that you can confidently say 'I can relax'.

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Women Thriving with Purpose - Creating your Vision


Re discover your hopes and dreams; identify your values and strengths to align with your goals and plans so that you can have the future you want.

Women at any stage of their life will find value, inspiration, support and encouragement in this virtual three hour workshop developed and presented by Dr Amanda Nickson.


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