Need help to resolve disagreements, disputes or difficult relationships in the workplace?

Prompt and professional conflict resolution

Workplace conflict damages your business

Conflict is a part of life when working closely with others, sometimes we don’t see 'eye to eye'.

Disagreements are normal.

However, sometimes conflict escalates to the point where it affects an employee’s ability to be a productive member/s of the team. Others are then affected, efficiency is reduced and there is the potential for stress or similar workplace claims. Conflict needs to be addressed promptly, professionally and in a cost effective and caring manner.

Mediation, Coaching or Counselling (or a combination) will provide cost effective, professional and prompt assistance to resolve issues between employees. Coaching can  be offered if you feel this would be more appropriate than formal mediation.

Please call or email to confidentially discuss your situation and we will match the appropriate intervention for you.

 Benefits of conflict resolution

Greater productivity

When your team is co-operating, productivity increases. In contrast, when there is conflict between staff, they may withhold information, be critical of the other and consciously or unconsciously de-rail the day to day functioning of their work environment.

Promptly introducing a conflict resolution process, including effective preparation of each employee for mediation, may help to open the lines of communication, reduce lost revenue and potential stress claims. 

Better staff retention

Most employees resign or seek employment elsewhere primarily due to conflict in the workplace.   The time taken to train staff on your policies, procedures and how to do their work efficiently, is one of the costlier aspects of running a business.

Providing employees with the opportunity to participate in either  Coaching or Mediation when conflict first  appears will reduce the likelihood of premature resignation, stress leave, or filing workplace complaints.

More enjoyable workplace

Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours focusing on our work and frequently spend more time on work related issues than with our friends and family.

If there is unresolved conflict at work, the negative impact may adversely affect other aspects of an employee’s life.

Having a positive workplace allows us more energy to do our work well and to lead a more happy and fulfilling life.  Guidance and support will be provided in order to reduce the negative impact of disagreement, disputes and difficult relationships.

The Process and Pricing

1. Initial Contact
Representative requesting service provides a confidential overview of the situation and the number of employees involved. 
2. Agreement
Rhonda Emonson will email the Representative the ‘Agreement to Mediate‘ which must be signed to commence the Mediation process.
3. Profile
Names, telephone numbers and email addresses of the participants involved must be provided in order for the Mediator to telephone each participant as a means of general introduction and to start preparing the employee for the sessions. Usually 30 minutes is allocated for this step.
4. Preliminary Conference
Each person attending the Mediation session must participate in an individual Preliminary Conference prior to the joint Mediation. The Mediation is conducted within several days of all individual Preliminary Conferences being completed. Individual Preliminary Conferences are one and a half to two hours in duration. In situations were the dispute is entrenched or complex, Coaching4dipsutes is a valuable addition to effectively prepare participants for resolution.
5. Mediate
When all Preliminary Conferences are completed, the joint Mediation session is conducted (three hours in duration).
6. Completion
When an agreement is reached in the Mediation session, each person dates, signs and keeps a copy of the Agreement and a copy is emailed to the Representative at the conclusion of the Mediation session.
If a Report is required, this is compiled as part of the Mediation process and a copy is provided to each participant post the mediation and a copy provided to the organisation. A request for a report must occur PRIOR to engagement with employees and each employee must be aware that a report has been requested.
*Please note-Additional charges apply for Administration or costs incurred with travel/accommodation.
Sessions can be conducted via telephone/ZOOM, Face2Face or Teams.
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Need help to resolve disagreements, disputes or difficult relationships in the workplace?

Prompt, professional conflict resolution will assist in reducing the negative impact of conflict. 

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