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What Can I Get Assistance For?

With a referral from your Medical Practitioner, you can receive a rebate from Medicare for assistance with Depression and other Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Relationship Problems, Adjustment Issues, Family Conflicts, Personality Disorders, Life Crisis, Trauma.

If you are seeking help with drug, alcohol or are remaining in a family violence situation, I do not have expertise in these areas.

Getting The Medicare Rebate

Make an appointment with your Medical Practitioner and tell the Receptionist you need an appointment to get a referral for counselling (they need to book a longer session with your Medical Practitioner). Your Medical Practitioner can either fax the referral to 02 6013 9646.

You may choose to take the referral when you see your Medical Practitioner. Your referral needs to be available to Dr Rhonda Emonson at least 3 days prior to  your first session. Each person attending will need their own referral.

How does it work and how much does it cost?

Dr Rhonda Emonson will be providing each of the sessions and is very experienced, qualified and compassionate - sessions are usually held on a fortnightly basis.  Each person attending needs to have their own referral if they are wanting a rebate from Medicare although a referral is not necessary. Three separate 90-minute sessions are provided and a check-up two months after the last session, although the pattern of sessions may alter to meet client needs.

We may also take a PR6 profile to form a platform for our sessions.

Session One – 100 ( 2 x 50 minute) sessions

Both attend and we explore your goals and gain an understanding of your relationship history.

Improve your relationship skills while exploring your strengths and growth areas by undertaking a Relationship Inventory called ‘Prepare Enrich’. You will  learn about topics such as Communication, Conflict Resolution and Stress Management.

Fee: Both will need a referral faxed 3 working days prior to the first session. Counselling fee is $316.20 for a double session with a 50% rebate from Medicare providing referrals have been received (both clients). 

Session Two – 100 (2 x 50 minute) sessions

Both attend. Based on your results, as a trained ‘Prepare Enrich‘ facilitator, (or) if we you have undertaken the PR6,  I provide feedback to you both (and provide you with a coloured copy to keep) of the assessment results. I also help you to understand the results and provide proven relationship skills to practice in and between sessions.

Fee: Same as session one.

Session Three – 100 (2 x 50 minute) sessions

Both attend. In the third session, we consolidate and further practice relationship skills. We confirm the direction you have decided to take and check and self-limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from moving to a fuller and more satisfying life.

Fee: Same as previous sessions.

Session Four – 60 minutes

Complimentary session two months following completion of Session Three. During this session we review progress.

What is on offer?

  • Six hours of professional relationship counselling, in a confidential setting
  • One hour complimentary session
  • Printed, colour copy of your ‘Prepare Enrich‘ assessment to keep.
  • Printed relationship skills to practice in between sessions
  • 20% off any workshops following completion of counselling sessions
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